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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Topeka, KS Employment / Executive Consultant/Business Partner - Geebo

Topeka, KS Employment / Executive Consultant/Business Partner - Geebo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Ladies, One should always use a primer as the first step of theiir makeup appli astrike>plication. It is. the glue" that binds your makeup. It will not only set your foundation but it will help all of right down to powder and blush last longer. Less touchups throughout the day are not only more convenient but will save you money in the long run. One I like is Estee Lauder's face primer. It comes in a matte or illuminating formula. Use the illuminating if you have a photo session coming up!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review, Photos: Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack Tummy-Toning Gel With Ab-Activiating Applicator | Beauty Stat

Review, Photos: Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack Tummy-Toning Gel With Ab-Activiating Applicator | Beauty Stat

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Double your collagen production

Estee Lauder has a new product...well it's really a reformulation. Perfectionist CP+ is now Perfectionist CPR. Sounds like a medical product, right? Well the claim is that it doubles your collagen production in 2 weeks.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hygiene Alert: At the cosmetic counters, use the disposable applicators and Do Not Double Dip! If you are unsure, ask the Beauty Advisor for assistance!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oily skin needs moisturizing too! Othewise your moisture barrier starts producing oil to hydrate itself, thus making your skin oilier.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brown Eyes? Play up your eyecolor with purple eyeshadow shades. Define your eyes with a plummy colored eyeliner.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green or blue eyes? Wear earthy metallic eyeshadow shades to make eyes really pop. Define them even more with a ccoordinating eyeliner .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Toner...Expensive Water?

A certain prestige brand (which I respect fot the most part so shall remain nameless her) teaches it's new consultants that toner is nothing more than expensive water.  Not true.  A toner does two things for your skin.  The first is to remove that last layer of grime that your facial wash doesn't always get to.  The cleaner your skin is, the clear is stays.  The second thing it does is really toners function and that is that it closes up your pores and rebalances your skin's ph level...getting it ready to accept what treatment you are next going to apply to it.  Soap and cleansers change the ph balance of your skin so when you use them you need to get the ph level back to normal or your next steps are for naught.  You can do this one of 2 ways...wait 2 hours for skin to do it on it's own (I do not know about you but I do not have that kind of time) or you can pick the easy way and swipe some toner on your face.  You do not need to worry about getting an expensive toner...good ole witch hazel is one of the best.  But so long as it is a will do the job.  Hope this clears up some confusion or mystery.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Get a GOOD Beauty Routine

Okay...I admit it....I AM OBSESSED WITH SKINCARE!!!!  I do not find this to be a bad thing.  Especially as my 41st birthday is approaching and people are shocked to learn that I will be 41 as the tend to think I am in my early 30s...I must be doing smething right.  So what do I do?  I'll tell you.

First of all...I make sure to drink at least 35 ounces of water each and every day.  I can do this because I follow the principles in The Water Secret by Dr Howard Murad.  It is agood read and tells you quite a bit about hydration which is the building block to beautifu
l skin.
I never go to bed with makeup on.  I clanse my face thoroughly morning and evening.  Ater which I apply a repair product followed by a moisturizer.

my go to products are:
Cleanser...Estee Lauder Verite Light Lotion Cleaser....GREAT for my sensitive skin
Day time  repair is Estee Lauder Even Skintone Illuminator...evens out ALL signs of skin discoloration...literally.
Daytime Moisturizer...Avon Reversalist...because it has an spf 25
Nightime I use Este Lauder Take It Away makeup remover and then cleanse with the Verite
Nightime repair is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.  This is the one product I simply cannot live without. It helps with my dry flaky spots. my skintone and my fine lines beginning to show up.  Seriously...get out and get a bottle of this.
Nightime Moisturizer is Avon Anew Genics....this stuff you can feel working.  It tighten and brightens.
My eye creme is nw Avon Anew Genics but before that was EsteeLauder Advanced Ight Repair.

Does it seem like alot to you?  Takes me 10 minutes a take 10 years off the look of my skin..yeah its worth it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all had a beautiful Valentine's Day.  I hope that you took some time for you today and pampered yourself.  It's not too late to run a hot bath.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trend Alert

This season's hot new lip color?  Lavender!  Try it in a full lipstick or my personal favorite...a gloss.  I think it looks good on nails too.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to apply mascara

I am obsessed with trying to make my lashes look's a new trick I read First, start with not 1 but 2 coats of lash primer (I love Estee Lauder's Lash Primer Plus)...letting the first coat dry before applying the 2nd. When you reach the ends...wiggle the brush to add bulk. On the top lashes, swipe 3 ways for a full and thick fanned out look: -mid lashes, stright to forehead -inner lashes toward inner brow -outer lashes towards your temple On the bottom lashes, holding the wand vertically, tap the lashes...the aim here is for tint NOT lots of product. For the biggest look in eyes, use a black mascara on top lashes and a brown or navy color on the bottom lashes.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 New Uses for Petroleum Jelly

As Seen in the March 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, page 108. 1. Soften Rough Spots: massage into lips, knee, heels... 2. As A Makeup Remover: Smooth onto a cotton pad and use it to lift away mascara and liner even waterproof (I hve personally used this trick and it works) 3. To Tame wild brows...cannot wait to try this one 4. As a split end mender: Dot onto fingers then twirl the ends of hair to seal This will prevent flyaways....another one I can't wait to try 5. For an instant mani: Rub onto nails to revive dull polish, make bare nails shine and heal dry, cracked cuticles With so mny uses, every beauty should have a jar on hand and now they make a mini size to go in your purse....will wonders never cease!!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Apply 4 drops of Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder to a makeup sponge, then press it on top of your cheekbones. Instant mid-day pick-me-up!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Shipping

Do you use Avon products? Get free shipping on a $20 order at use code ANEW2012 Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Water Secret

I am currently reading the book "The Water Secret" by Dr. Howard Murad. So far it is provong to be a very interesting read. When I finish, I will post a book report. In the meantime,I want to share an interesting view that I just read. Topical skin treatments are only 20% effective, the other 80% must come from an individual's nutritional care. The most expensive treatments in the world will do you no good if you are not taking care of yourself from the inside.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just heard! Free gift with Clinique purchase at Peebles! Go to your local store or

Thursday, January 19, 2012

@EsteeLauder: Experience #beautifulskin:Visit US counters Jan 20-22 for our gift to you:a 10-day supply of Advanced Night Repair. 1/customer, supplies ltd

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nutrients for beautiful skin

I have been doing some reading lately on NATURAL ways to stay beautiful. And I am sure that you know I am not a fan of plastic surgery or similar cosmetic procedures. Here are some nutrients for a natural facelift: Vitamin C: for rebuilding collagen Iron: to prevent the breakdown of elastin Omega 3: for radiant skin Here are some of my favorite foods containing these: oranges, spinach, walnuts and flaxseed. Of course, there are many other yummy options. You can consider supplements, however, the more you can get from foods the better. And as always, be sure you are drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If you are concerned with dark circles...don't use mascara on your bottom lashes